Convey Services

Master Agent Sites

Convey is an online platform, branded for a master agent that collects and delivers content, training, events, and promotions to the subagent and VAR members. A Convey site is divided into online catalogs that are managed and maintained by invited vendors and can also include catalogs managed by the master agent. Convey is the only engagement and communications program that offers vendors direct access to agents, continuous promotion and convenient content delivery.

Every aspect of a Convey site is geared to engage the agent community. Go beyond product literature and turn agents from people that just take information, to those that generate revenue! Upload videos, webinar recordings, podcasts, PowerPoint slides and PDF's to create more interest in training and products. Add promotions to make sure agents are motivated.

Agents should sell instead of hunt for information.Convey consolidates information and delivers it to agents in one single and convenient location. Eliminate vendors and master agents chasing each other to get the latest on new promotions, spiffs, product info or training out to the field.

Belong to more than one Convey site? No problem! Convey Channel is the Hub site for vendors to manage their catalog, upload information, and have that information duplicated on multiple Convey Master Agent sites. Managing a catalog is easy and uploading information takes minutes.